Una ciudad madrileña, tranquila y acogedora

Ciempozuelos is a very small town located just south of Madrid. The population is about 18,000 and despite its continual growth, it is a very quiet and safe place to live.

Even though the town is situated in a dry region, it is actually placed by the side of the Jarama River. This gives a lot of ecological and agricultural value to the surrounding area and also explains the name of the town, which literally translated means, “a hundred wells”, because of all the subterranean rivers and natural fountains that have existed here.

Historically, Ciempozuelos was founded “Ischadia”, during Roman times. Throughout the past centuries, many roman vestiges have been found both here and in the surrounding villages.

Ciempozuelos is, today, a bustling little town, with shops, supermarkets, sports centres, etc… yet it still remains loyal and respectful to its humble origins.

One of its greatest advantages is its location. It is only 32 Km. from Madrid, and is very well connected by train, bus or road.

Very close by, there are other towns with equally interesting cultural histories, such as Aranjuez (with its majestic royal palace and gardens), Chinchón (and its ancient caves) , Toledo (impressive medieval city), Avila and Salamanca.
All of these reasons make Ciempozuelos the perfect place to learn Spanish in a safe, quiet and peaceful environment, whilst at the same time, having the benefits of being so close to these very emblematic towns, which are modern but still so full of history and tradition.